Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2014 EEE Book Club

Hello, I am giving you the selections early, so you can go to the library. Will post the summaries on March 23rd (or thereabouts). I have checked and these books are available at all your local libraries. The more current books have holds, if you get interested in the main character and want to continue reading. Have fun reading!!!

1. Killing Floor (1997) by Lee Child Book #1 in the Jack Reacher series

Ex-MP Jack Reacher goes into action to find his brother's killers, after a series of brutal crimes terrorizes tiny Margrave, Georgia, only to uncover the dark and deadly conspiracy concealed behind the town's peaceful facade.

2. Die Trying (1998) by Lee Child. Book #2 in the Jack Reacher series of books

Former military policeman Jack Reacher is abducted on the streets of a Chicago suburb, along with a woman and a dentist, by two mysterious men.

Lee Child is the pen name of Jim Grant. He was born in Coventry, England in 1954. He attended law school at Sheffield University, worked in the theater, and finally worked as a presentation director for Granada Television. After being laid off in 1995 as a result of corporate restructuring, he decided to write a book. The Killing Floor won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel and became the first book in the Jack Reacher series. In 2012 the first motion picture feature of Jack Reacher was released staring Tom Cruise. (Bowker Author Biography)


  1. The Reacher books are my FAVORITE quick read books.

    Unrelated: And book Reacher looks nothing like Tom Cruise, who played Reacher in the movie, but beyond that, it's one of the only shows I've ever seen that got the majority of the book right... it's almost verbatim "One Shot".

  2. Hello all, I have read ALL the Jack Reacher books. The later books do tend to be rather formalic reading, but great stories and a good character. Biggest problem was casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. After you read some of these books you will understand why it was a Noooooooooooooo moment for many fans. love mce