Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away……
7-7-77 happened.

And the Ellsworth oldest and Christensen youngest decided to unite.

And many, many things happened until it was 8-8-88.

And the family rejoiced and decided to remember. So a canvas was bought and paint was chosen and then we began. The oldest was excited, while the favorite son just washed and washed and washed his hands. The middle child, for the moment was thrilled, this was great.
The 3 year old thought it was the best finger-painting in the whole world.
And the youngest (for a while) was not happy, very very not happy.

Dre and his youngest child at 8-8-88

And the dog, thought he would die. Mr. Fritzi von Ellsworth, didn't like having his paws put in paint. He did not like being held to the canvas and he especially did not like being picked up!!

Family Painting of 8-8-88

1 Dog, 5 Children, 2 Parents

....And life went on and on and on ....
9-9-99.....Some were married…..some were on missions……some were in cosmetology school…….some were baking……some were reading……..and there was another……the last, the end, the finale…… so we added another set of handprints to our picture…..we were not all together and that made us sad.

And now 9-09-09, there are now 22 in the Ellsworth Eight Etc.,
but only 2 left at home and here they are.

Mayfa and Merfa on 9-09-09

And Everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

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  1. Mayfa and Merfa look great. Glad that you still have two at home to keep you company. ;)