Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Idiot Phase aka Clueless is my Middle Name

This is what happens in your life, when you are getting ready for major changes. Almost everyone goes through this. It starts around your senior year of high school (if you went to high school). Continuing until you have been on your own for a while, or you got married and had some dependents, or you had a few extra bills and a little less $$$ or you are in the raging hormone time of life.

Anyhow, The Idiot Phase almost always happens.

It can last a few months, a few years, or in extreme cases a few decades (more or less!) We try to get people out as quickly as possible, but some are lost in the vortex of time and remain in this phase for a really, really long time. And we do know a few of those !!

Some clues you are in this phase or could be entering it!!

1. You know everything and your family knows nothing.

2. Your parents are so crazy. They think they know what’s going on?

3. Your employers are sooooo ?!!?!?! The make such a big deal about being on time and ready to work and doing it every single day.

4. The teachers are all ridiculous. You already know everything they are saying. You do know how to read a textbook, after all.

5. Any other car on the road is driven by crazy people, that are out to get you. They, on purpose, will cut you off and/or turn right in front of you. You are the only good driver that you know?!?!

6. Your parents are so funny. They think that you should have a job if you have a credit card.

7. Your siblings are so demanding. They want you to take turns and do your own work. Even though, everyone knows that you are way too important for pesky chores. Whatever. You are way too busy and have a life.

8. Your parents are so silly and foolish. They think you should learn to be interdependent and you are independent!!!

9. Your friends are totally awesome…… They are always there for you and have never let you down…… They do everything you want and they really understand you….….

Idiotic, Privileged, Oblivious, Beloved, Clueless, Cherished,

Take your pick………

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