Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Author and New Book

Some time ago, some one mentioned that there was a new book or two out, that was as good as or better than, the Harry Potter books and maybe they mentioned the Twilight Books. Anyway, after letting this percolate in my brain for a while, because the Harry Potter books are exceptionally well written and the Twilight books have a good story, I have not compared and contrasted them. The Potter books are written for everyone and the Twilight books are seeking a core audience.

ANYWAY, I looked up the author, Suzanne Collins and noticed that she had written other books before her new, hot books (The Hunger Games, etc.) I did reserve her young adult books, but was #138 on the list, so decided to look up other books that she had written. Before, she had been a childrens author.

The childrens books are the Overlander series. There are 5 books. Gregor the Overlander is Book #1. Gregor is our star in the books and his family are a great supporting cast. I did not know they were a series to begin with and started with Book #3. After figuring out that I was in the middle of a series, stopped reading and started reserving the books.

They are GOOD !!

So now, you have more books to put on your list to read. And when one of the talented young daughters helped me look up a picture to include with this blog, we noticed a movie poster. So you better hurry and read them before a movie comes out. We all like movies better, when we have read the book first!

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