Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time at the Old Homestead

Every year,
for years and years......
I have put a sign on my bedroom door, to let people know, that the Holiday Season is upon us !!! Just my friendly way of saying, there are secrets !!!

and if you can't read this, I have included the actual text of the sign, below....
you are welcome !!
Privacy, Seclusion and other Secret Christmas Happenings
Has been issued
By Royal Proclamation
HRH King Dennis RE and HRH Queen Marilyn CE
and until further written, notarized, vilified, inscribed and quantified notice shall be given
Effective December 1, 2009

this means YOU

Sarah Beth & Jeremy and Morgan & Maria and Caroline & Troy and Berit & Joshua
and Meredith and Verity
and any
Ellsworth, Claridge, Bingham, Simmons, Roller, Woolf, Christensen, Metcalf, Purcell
And anyone else that you can think of!! And any and all of you, who are named or are not named. So be it!

And more importantly if your name is and/or includes:
Curtis, Taylor, Grant, Megan, Daniel, Blayne,
Thaddeus, BenJoe, Cassidy, Cordelia, Monique

Unless you are
Queen Marilyn CE and/or King Dennis RE
The only licensed, decreed, certificated, acknowledged occupants of this room.

The persons so far notified of this royal proclamation, shall include any and all persons hereby listed, but shall not exclude any others that the King and Queen shall on a whim, or impulse, decide to include to exclude.

Because there is absolutely
until further written and posted notice.

you will have to wait until after
JANUARY 1, 2010

And that means you, and all and any others that might be so inclined to try to coerce or otherwise, hope to get into the secret sleeping and bathing chambers of the King and Queen. And it starts right now, yes today, yes that means now and the exceptions have yet to noted and/or posted and/or decided on.

Any and all who are named, or are not named. So be it.

you are spurting blood and/or a bone is protruding from your body and/or an ambulance needs to be called
and you have knocked, called and implored

And then you cannot be inquisitive, questioning, sneaking looks or otherwise peaking where you should not be!! We will know!!

If you are The Wise King Dennis RE or the Good Queen Marilyn CE
The only licensed openers of the aforementioned domicile who are the only legal, certificated occupants of the chamber


All will be enforced by the Dark Forces of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, unless they are too busy and
we are forced to call the dangerous reindeer, Attilla and Adolf, with their master, Sauron

and also, by special assignment and decree a new enforcement team may also patrol the private quarters of the wise and good King and Queen who may include and/or exclude and/or encompass the Gracious and Compassionate Lady Verity and the Magnificent and Benevolent Lady Meredith.
And they will be helped by the perfidious and dangerous, Murphy Smurf Blue Abner Ellsworth
and the kind and intelligent Cowboy Ching-a-Ling, the Chinese Dog King.

The reports and/or information gathered by the above mentioned and named persons shall be given to the highest command at the North Pole, by the request of the elves that are in the command of the great and noble, Saint Nickolaus


unless you knock three times AND wait 10 minutes AND
it is very, very, very, superduper IMPORTANT!!
AND you have some nourishment that could include chocolate and/or Salsa and/or Ice that could be consumed by the above mentioned, and really, really, really want to have a chat with the aforementioned King Dennis RE and HRH Queen Marilyn CE

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