Saturday, February 13, 2010

Calendars and Projects

At the beginning of the year, I like to make a future calendar, of possible events. The past few years, I have been running three different calendars for 3 different aspects of life.

1. A regular calendar. I make and print from the computer. Regular 8 ½ x 11 size for my notebook. Always with portrait orientation. So I don’t have to turn the notebook to read the calendar!! Very important!! I carry this one with me always. I start one in January and print until the next May (for school reasons).

2. A family map calendar. It has names on the top and months on the side. One page per year. Easy to see and plan. Easy to see where the action is and where notice should be taken. After I started this system, I noticed that one of my children had NOTHING for 3 years. That was rectified. It also has a friend / companion page. A condensed version of 1 page per decade, with only the major events of their lives. This calendar is in my small planning notebook, that I keep at home (usually).

3. An update yearly calendar. Similar in some ways to #2, but totally different in scope. On the top are the divisions of name, life, church, school. Down the left side, are the names. The information that is needed for memory book details. This calendar is also in my small planning notebook, that I keep at home.

And there you have it. A family action plan that has worked for over 10 years. And no problems yet. And only #1, is carried in my planner, unless they have to move to the daily stack when something big, like a wedding is coming up !!