Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weddings, Sisters, Daughters, Mothers, etc.

Our Family is having many changes this season of time. We are growing and expanding and reproducing at a rapid rate. Just 10 years ago there were only 8 Ellsworths and 1 fine Claridge man.

And now there are 22 of us, and soon to be 23!! After we change to the 23, one daughter is adding a husband, which moves us to 24!!! And he has 6 sisters!!! With V's 5 sisters, that will give her 11 sisters and sister-in-laws. WOW

And of course, we do have 5 grand-daughters, who are the lovely nieces and the new in-laws have 4 grand-daughters. So, if you are keeping up, that is 11 sisters and sister-in-laws, with 9 nieces (grand-daughters). 20, folks that is TWENTY !! So, if you are co-ordinating wedding clothes, this is a lot of females !!!